Top to Toe Beauty…… it too good to be true?

Definitely not this Month with my top 3, tried & tested, favorite beauty products to get excited about –

NU SKIN Ageloc Transformation Kit

Anti Aging Skincare

The Kit Contains :

ageLOC Gentle Cleanse & Tone 60ml
ageLOC Radiant Day with sunscreen SPF 22 25ml
ageLOC Transforming Night 30ml
ageLOC Future Serum 30ml

My 30 day ageLOC Transformation trial

Morning Regimen 

Step 1: Gentle Cleanse & Tone

Step 2: Future Serum 

Step 3: Radiant Day Creme

Evening Regimen

Step 1: Gentle Cleanse & Tone

Step 2: Future Serum

Step 3: Transforming Night Creme 

RRP $ 515.00

My Thoughts

• I love the minimal, lightweight packaging & pump applicators on the cleanser & serum, definitely a bonus if you tend to be a bit heavy handed with your products.

• My skin is combination oily & most day cremes I have used have sunscreen in them felt thick, greasy & caused my skin to break out. I’ve had no sensitivity issues with the Ageloc SPF formula, it’s lightweight & absorbs well into my skin. Making it a great base for my makeup routine.

• The range is quick & easy to use. I love that the Cleanser & Toner are together, eliminating that additional step in your skincare routine

• I’m not a huge fan of the fragrance of the Future Serum but once I apply the day or night creme over the top the smell does go away. The benefits of the Serum definitely out way my dislike of the scent.

• My favorite product from the range is the Transforming Night Creme, the consistency is perfect & instanting hydrates my skin. Having Hyaluronic Acid as an ingredient is a huge plus as it aids in keeping the skin looking plump & full.

Noticable Benefits to my skin in the 30 day trial –

  • My pores have definitely reduced in size, yay! Thankyou Nu Skin. As I wear makeup most days I’m not needing to use as much of my pore primer to minimise the look of them.
  • My skintone appears more even & the redness on my decolletage is alot less prominent.
  • Even though my skin is prone to being quite oily, I do struggle with some dry areas & dehydration. After the first week of using the Nu Skin Ageloc range I not only felt an improvement in my skin’s hydration, I could see that my complexion looked brighter & healthier.

Having never tried the Nu Skin range before I was unsure what to expect but after 30 days of use, I’m super impressed & highly recommend it, especially if you’re wanting an easy to use, effective, anti aging skincare kit. A little of this product goes along way & after a month of using them, day & night, I still have plenty of product left in each.

As I say with all beauty, makeup or skincare, do your research, read reviews & look into the ingredients & product information to see if you think it will suit your skin & if possible ask for a sample to try before purchasing the item.

See the below links for the full description & ingredients list to the Ageloc Transformation Kit

Olieve & Olie Foot Bar

For dry or cracked feet.

This foot bar truly is a miracle product & by far, is the best product I have ever used on my feet, huge call I know! I wear high shoes every day & my feet sure get their fair share of “cruel punishment” from my Stiletto loving addiction.

This magic bar is easy to apply, smells incredible & simply melts into your skin. Handmade in the Mornington Peninsula Australia. The entire Olieve & Olie range contains only organic, natural ingredients with no palm oil & are never tested on animals.

RRP – $ 20.00

My Thoughts

I noticed a difference within 2 days of using the foot bar. I apply it nightly & the next morning in the shower I wipe over my feet with a face washer. My heels are no longer dry & my feet feel & look so smooth & soft.

It is recommended that you use the foot bar daily for the first two weeks, then 1 – 2 times per week or as needed after that.


Cocoa Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Raw Beeswax, Shea Butter, Cold Pressed Avocado Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, & Vitamin E. Essential OIls: Spearmint, Lemon, Peppermint, Rosemary & Tea Tree.

To view the entire Olieve & Olie range click here


Luxe Bath & Beauty Beauty Scrub Range 

Body Scrub / Exfoliant

The range from Luxe Bath & Beauty is my No. 1 go to body scrub. Available in 7 different types, coffee, grape, raw sugar, vanilla, peppermint, cashmere & lemon, you’re guaranteed to find a scent you love.

The range is 100% natural, cruelty free & vegan. All products are made in Australia, fresh in small batches & the scrub is available in two sizes 100g Tin RRP $ 14.95 & 200g Pouch RRP $ 19.95

My Thoughts

The Luxe Bath & Beauty scrub is an amazing exfoliant that will leave your skin so soft & nourished. It’s incredible to use before applying your fake tan & for removing it. I also love that the packaging is resealable to keep your product fresh. The Vanilla scrub is my personal favorite, it smells so good…….. almost too good! I have considered taste testing it a few times !!!

Having tried many body scrubs, including several high end ones, none have compared to the abrasive, yet gentle texture & moisturising formula from Luxe Bath & Beauty. Definitely one for you to check out.

To view the full range from Luxe Bath & Beauty click here


I’d love to know your thoughts on this month’s beauty favorites as well as your suggestions & recommendations on products you would like to see reviewed………… & remember, try to take a little time to give yourself some extra TLC xxx

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