That Ugly B Word…….

Yes, now to that ugly B word………….Budget!!!! Boring…………….
Adam would say I have no understanding of the word Budget. He often reminds me images (1)that it isn’t my sole responsibility to keep the Australian economy going strong by shopping up a storm. I have never been very good at sticking to a limit or budget………until now of course, right babe? if you’re reading this Ads xxx
Obviously when building, things can add up very quickly & before you know it the flashing warning signs “Over capitalising!!! Abort! Abort!” start appearing.
With the price of our land & the type of house we wanted, & needed to build for the area, we need to be very mindful to calculate the extra costs involved, things like fees, stamp duty for the land, the swimming pool, landscaping, window treatments & new furniture. Unless we want a blow up paddle pool from Big W in the back yard, a certain Ms Shop-a-lot needs to curb her shoe addiction!
To keep track of our budget we have found this free template, designed for excel, extremely handy, Residential House Building Template
Yes, I know, this was a very short, straight to the point, entry! But I’m boring myself with this budget stuff & would much prefer to go & pretend to shop online by adding a dozen pairs of Louboutin heels to my cart before shamelessly exiting the site. ?
Happy Budgeting xxx
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