Pre Start List

With our prestart booked for next week with Summit Homes I thought I’d share my ‘pre start check list’ with you all.

  • Add additional conduits for power
  • Separate power circuit for pool
  • Home security wiring
  • Door bell
  • Data cable throughout
  • Check placement of light switches
  • Add dimmers
  • Check every power point placement
  • Add power points to kitchen island bench, WIL (for charging the Dyson), bathroom vanity cupboard (for electric toothbrushes) & add one to vanity drawers for straighteners / blow dryer
  • Add points for microwave, dishwashers, coffee machine, fridge, toaster ect in scullery & kitchen cupboards
  • Add addition points to laundry, scullery & kitchen
  • Points in hallways
  • Points for floor lamps
  • Add USB points to storage cupboard, office & bedrooms
  • Extra External power points for Christmas lights
  • Conduit in alfresco roof for fan
  • Add gas, power & water to alfresco
  • Light in manhole
  • Check garage lighting & entry lights
  • Add power points to garage / check garage roof power
  • Check placement of meter box
  • Add extra external lighting – one near the clothes line
  • Add provisions for smart wiring / internet / ability to hide all cords in the wall
  • Duel lighting in hallways
  • Add downlights to eaves
  • External light switch in alfresco
  • Foxtel conduit
  • Check air con is refrigerated
  • Power points for pool area
  • Extra TV points
  • Points

Kitchen / scullery

  • Add 1 x bin drawer in kitchen, 1 x scullery
  • Check oven placement is centred
  • Check kitchen shelving / cupboards are adjustable
  • Check height of kitchen overhead cupboards
  • Make bulkhead in kitchen flush with the cupboards
  • Fridge tap, place off centre or in cupboard next to the fridge cavity so fridge will sit flush
  • Check depth & width of recesses for fridge / dishwasher / microwave ect
  • Size of pot drawers


  • Hide washing machine taps
  • Add additional power points
  • Add laundry window, non opening
  • Extend bench top in laundry over washing machine
  • Add pull out clothing hamper in laundry
  • Add glass door from laundry to scullery. Possibly frosted?
  • Drainage in Laundry & Bathrooms
  • Add exhaust fan to laundry

Bathrooms / Powder room

  • Remove niche in showers & change to a step up ledge
  • Upgrade tile size in wet areas
  • Check placement of exhaust vents
  • Possibly add door from dressing room to bathroom
  • Change door type to en suite toilet
  • Locks on doors to bathrooms & toilets
  • Separate switches for exhaust fan & lights in bathrooms & powder room
  • Check location of taps in showers
  • Remove soap dishes
  • Add wall taps to vanities
  • Add bath recess, guest bathroom
  • Shower drainage grills in showers
  • Add privacy locks


  • Raise door height to 28c
  • Raise ceiling height to 31c throughout
  • Remove bulk head in master suite
  • Change window in scullery, laundry & bathrooms to non opening window
  • Check that all windows & doors are centred
  • Check window sizes
  • Check if windows can be tinted prior to installation
  • Check which windows are frosted
  • Add cat door
  • Extend garage for addition storage
  • Manhole in garage
  • Reconfigure theatre entry
  • Sound proofing options for theatre room
  • Solid doors for theatre
  • Add step up to theatre room
  • Check cornices in entry ways are flush
  • Check if there are cornices on bulkheads
  • Check HWS placement & aircon placement
  • Check air con vent placement
  • Check that everything is suitable for coastal weather
  • Ensure door from garage to house is solid & has a lock
  • Put switch to open/close garage roller door in shoppers entry
  • Add window to garage


  • Extend eaves 
  • Add extra tap
  • Check tap placement
  • Check downpipe placement & where water will run
  • Add retic / power pipe under driveway
  • Extend alfresco to the edge of the garage
  • What type of screens are used on windows
  • Check draining options for backyard
  • Check about adding a slope at the front for stairs to entry
  • Side paving options for laundry side of the house


  • Check all doors, which way they open, size, if they block anything
  • Check size & height of guest bath
  • Check bottom doors sit flush to the floor
  • Ask about skirting boards
  • Double check “line of sight” from each room
  • Look at increasing door width throughout
  • Is roof insulation included
  • Back sliding down options
  • Are door stops included?
  • Ducted vacuum options?
  • Do all vents, vent outside, not in roof?

Things to remember during build

  • Document everything, keep communication together in the one spot, save emails
  • Keep diary of all dates once construction starts and all notes of conversations, emails, costs etc with builder in case something needs to be discussed and clarified
  • Take photos of each room at various stages for down the track when drilling or hanging pictures
  • Insist on 3 coat painting 1 x sealer 2 x top coat
  • Ask for excess sand to be removed from site if not required
  • Ask council/builder for refund of kerb/path damage bond if it has been paid
  • Check that no rubbish has been buried on site
  • Obtain all warranties, instruction manuals, serial numbers for all products installed in the house from the builder
  • Ensure copies of your plans and personal details are not dumped into skip
  • Check provisional sums at the end of the build, before handover, for complete breakdown & receipts of costings

We added in most of the upgrades at design, which has saved us a lot time putting together our pre start list.
Looking forward to sharing our pre start selections with you soon xxx

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