How to Create the Perfect Vignette



A great way to showcase your favorite pieces & add style to a space is by creating a vignette. A vignette, simply put, is a grouping or arrangement of items, usually on a shelf or a table.
It can sometimes be difficult to get that ‘perfect’ balanced look when styling a vignette, so I wanted to share a few of my tips & tricks, that I have learnt along the way, to help you create a fabulous arrangement.

1. Inject some personality – to avoid your vignette looking too staged, add in some personal items that reflect your style & personality. I will often include beautiful perfume bottles, jewellery, loose pearls or even a bag or clutch purse.

2. Hunt & Gather – I find it helpful to have a selection of items that I could use, like plants, candles, vases & books within reach of the area I am styling & then I cull as I go.

3. Play with height – a very important tip to remember is to make sure you vary the height & scale within your vignette, this allows the eye to travel freely over the display & create visual interest. Stacking books or magazines is a great way to give smaller items height but placing them on top.

4. Odd is best – grouping items in odd numbers, especially in three’s, is far more visually pleasing to the eye than grouping items in even numbers.

5. Avoid clutter – remember, less is more! Stand back & review the pieces you have chosen, do they work well together, does everything flow? If you feel your vignette looks to busy, try swapping out or eliminating a few items until it works.

6. Play with texture – mix various textures, tones & shapes together to make your vignette really pop.

7. Be you – have you ever brought an entire outfit that you saw on someone & tried to recreate that exact look on yourself, only to have it miserably fail? No matter how hard you try, you will never master something that isn’t your true style. So embrace who you are & surround yourself with things that you love. I guarantee you will have way more fun creating a space if it reflects your true style.



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