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We have all heard horror stories about builders, blown out budgets & jobs left unfinished. Let’s face it, choosing the right builder is one of the most important decisions you will make on your house building journey.

When Ad’s & I first set out to find a) A house design we both loved & b) A builder. We really went in blind. I’ll admit it, in the beginning we didn’t realise how valuable it was for us to have extensive knowledge of the process, what we were getting & the quality of what we were signing up for. You walk into a display home, with its high end fittings & upgrades & think, wow this is great. Then you quickly learn that not much of what you see in the display home is actually included in the price you were quoted.
It felt like we had looked at every display home in the Perth Metro & we still hadn’t found, the One! We knew what we wanted & being the Queen of OCD, I had scrapbooks of images, Pinterest folders & a written list the size of the 31c ceilings we wanted throughout! But nothing was the right fit. Feeling frustrated & to be honest, completely over it, we made the mistake of compromising what we really wanted for something we weren’t 100% happy with.
We met with a particular Perth builder & were promised a gorgeous home, plus a ton of incredible inclusions, the salesman even sent us an email saying the General Manager of the company was so interested in having our business that he wanted to personally offer us another $30,000 off the total price. Now before you start judging us & saying “you idiots, were you both high on drugs to fall for that rubbish?”…… the way, we weren’t ?. I think we were both just so overwhelmed & sadly, completely over the process before it had even begun.
2 weeks later we were presented with a drawing of our house plans, a custom design that was meant to be a perfect fit for our family, the block & our budget. After a few tweaks here & there, we both felt happy with the design & decided to pay our $2,000 deposit.
From there things went South very quickly. Our final plans were lost, things we were promised were not written down correctly & very quickly our build budget had blown out!
You know the saying, always trust your gut instinct? Well my instinct was flashing up red warning signs & doing back fits in my stomach with a sledge-hammer in its hand trying to get my attention! & after another error with lost paperwork Adam rang the builder & told them that we will not be moving forward with them. Surprisingly we even got our deposit back.
So here we were, back to square one & gosh it felt like such a relief. Adam & I researched, talked to friends, looked at more display homes, read reviews on builders, looked at endless house plans, we even stopped at several building sites to have a nosey at the work of different companies.
During our research, one builder that was regularly mentioned with great reviews was Summit Homes We had spoken with friends who had recently finished their build with Summit & we were both very impressed with the design, the quality & the finish of our friends beautiful new home.
That weekend we met with Glenn from Summit Homes & laid out what we wanted. We told him our budget & gave him our lists of must have’s, would like, etc. plus pictures I had continued to save. Hoping he understood our vision, we left him to work his magic & hopefully create our dream home.
A few days later we met again with Glenn & he showed us the design he had created. He walked us through the plans & explained in detail what was included, what wasn’t, what every line, dash & dot on our plans meant. This was it, our gorgeous new dream home. Glenn had somehow managed to dissect, connect & make sense of the vision I was trying to explain & had in my mind……..believe me, not an easy task! Here was our new home.

House Plans 1st Draft

Adam & I were thrilled with the custom design & felt so much more at ease with Summit Homes. We received a complete break down of costings, what was included, the specifications as well as information on site costs & an estimated time line.
We had found our builder.


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