Building our Dream Home

After searching for the perfect block of land to build our new home, for what seemed like years, we finally found this gorgeous block by the beach in Secret Harbour, a suburb of Perth.
So here it is, our soon to be, new home location, 748sqm of gorgeous dirt ?
A little about us……………..
I’m Em, a thirty something year old Product / Interior stylist, I do tend to lie about my age, so much so that I have literally confused myself with my actual ‘real’ number, so thirty something it is! I live in Perth Western Australia with my Hubby, Adam, our gorgeous 10-year-old daughter Ava & our 2 cats, Wong & Walter.
IMG_20180622_143540467Adam is a Business Improvement Manager in the Oil & Gas industry & works mainly in the City. Ava is in Primary School & I work as a stylist. I receive regular DM’s on my Instagram page @stilettos_and_bricks¬†asking the meaning behind my business name, Stilettos & Bricks. I am a lover of high heels shoes, in fact I only own shoes with heels, even my trainers have a wedge heel ? You can imagine how utterly ridiculous I look walking around a building site, surrounded by tools, bricks & portable potties, sinking deep into the dirt in my inappropriate, high shoes! Hence, Stilettos & Bricks was born………. Stilettos & Porta Loo doesn’t have the same ring to it.
Ad’s & I have been married for 11 years & this is our first build together, we have only ever brought established homes before. So fingers crossed this build has a happy ending & isn’t a remake of the War of Roses!

Our Block

I will be documenting our entire building journey right here, the good, the bad & the ugly. So buckle your seat belts folks & get ready to travel the Building Journey with us, Stilettos & Bricks Style.
Until next time, ? Em xxx

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