Bedding – your Guide to achieving a better night’s sleep

“Don’t be afraid to give up the Good to go for the Great” 

For year’s I have struggled to find the “Goldilocks“, not to hard, not to soft, just right, combination of comfort, quality & value when it came to buying bedding.

Well folks, I have cracked the code & I’m here to share my new found knowledge with you all.

100% Organic Bamboo Bedding.

Still regarded as a relatively new product, Bamboo Bedding is gaining popularity as the word spreads about the fantastic benefits of this material.

My personal choice, & recommendation, for the finest 100% Organic Bamboo Bedding, is the range from Ecosa.

I have the Ecosa Mattress Topper, Ecosa Quilt Cover Set, & several sets of the Ecosa Sheet Sets.



The Pro’s & Con’s of Bamboo Bedding


  • Comfort – without a doubt the most comfortable of materials, it is incredibly soft & lightweight, yet suitable for every season of the year. Fact – Organic Bamboo is softer than the finest cotton.
  • Durable – because of the weave & stretch of Bamboo bedding, it is less likely to tear or pill. Also unlike cotton sheets, Bamboo sheets don’t absorb the natural oils from our skin & won’t yellow over time like standard sheets do.
  • Healthy – organic Bamboo bedding is naturally hypoallergenic & helps reduce allergies. Because of the reduced amount of moisture, this discourages one of the main triggers of allergies, dust mites, from living in your bed. Especially great for Children that are sensitive to allergies.
  • Eco Friendly – Made from the bamboo plant, bamboo bedding products are far more sustainable because the plant grows rapidly with little to no aid from pesticides & other agricultural chemicals. It is highly recommended though, from all of the research I have done, that you do purchase Organic Bamboo products.


  • Expense – now depending on how much you would usually spend on your sheet sets & duvet covers, this may not apply to you. Due to the amazing quality of organic Bamboo, it is more expensive than your average, low thread, cotton bedding. You can expect to pay around $130 for a sheet set. However, due to the long life span & durability of Organic Bamboo sheets, in the long run, you will save money because you’re not having to replace your bedding as often as you would with cotton sheets.

Compare the difference –

Organic Bamboo Sheets vs Egyptian Cotton

The Holy Grail of Mattress Toppers

To enchance your bed’s comfort to that next level, & when I say enchance I mean “I never want to leave my bed ever again, kind of comfort”, the Ecosa Mattress Topper is what you’re after.

The Queen size topper is currently on sale for $320.00, down from $400.00. With a 5 star rating from over 1200 happy customers plus a 10 year warranty, the Ecosa Sleep Team have certainly mastered the art of comfort & design.

Benefits of the Ecosa Mattress Topper 

  • Add new life to your existing mattress – buying a new mattress can be an expensive outlay. Adding a topper to your current mattress will provide extra support & comfort without breaking the budget
  • Reduced Disturbance – the Ecosa Topper reduces Partner disturbance through movement significantly so you get a better night’s sleep, unfortunately though, it won’t stop them snoring.
  • Back support – the toppers memory foam moulds & softens to your body’s contours, providing added support for your back & body
  • Cooling – the 3D gel structure allows for air to flow through the pincore holes, keeping you cool
  • Convenience – the removable cover is easy to take off & wash, ensuring a longer & cleaner life for your topper

To learn more about Ecosa’s Mattress Topper click here


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