A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Gallery Wall

I’ll admit it, I’m a procrastinator! When it came to making the final decision of the layout for my lastest gallery wall project, the struggle was very real! No doubt many of you reading this can relate, so, I thought I would break it down & share some of my tips to help you give your walls a gorgeous makeover, without second guessing yourself.


All of the stunning prints I have used for my latest gallery walls are from Desenio. Desenio have an extensive range of stylish, modern designs to suit almost any home & interior style. Their collection is regularly updated with new designs that come in a wide variety of sizes.

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A fantastic source of inspiration on the Desenio website is their inspiration gallery A curated combination of posters & prints, in a wide variety of colours, interior styles & materials to suit any room. You can even purchase your favorite gallery collage with one simple click…………..how easy is that?

I also love reading the Desenio online Design Magazine, for the lastest trends, articles & new launches they have on offer.

Layout Options

Choosing the right layout for your gallery wall can be tricky, you need to consider the look you’re wanting to achieve, the size of the wall / walls you’re working with & also how many prints you’re wanting to include.

Basic Gallery Wall Layouts


  • Straight, clean lines
  • Creates a more formal look that will work equally well in a modern or traditional room.
  • The success of this layout lies in careful hanging of the artwork to ensure perfect spacing.

Random Arrangements

  • A very popular, current style
  • This layout has the appearance of a spontaneous, thrown together collection of artwork, but requires careful planning to ensure your chosen designs are balanced & the sizes of prints work well together
  • For your random layout gallery to be successful, ensure that the vertical or horizontal midlines of pieces line up to adjacent artwork or that the collection centers around one piece.

Square Layout

  • All artwork is arranged so that the outline creates a square or a rectangle shape on your wall. Again this requires careful planning, as a single new piece out of place will compromise the overall layout look.

The Top Aligned Layout

  • This arrangement has a distinctive line at the top, this naturally leads the eye to view each print & flow naturally across.

The Bottom Aligned Layout

  • The opposite of the top aligned gallery wall, this layout ends in a solid horizontal line, creating a place for the eye to rest.

The Corner Layout

  • If the space on one wall is limited, take the design onto an adjacent wall. This works especially well in smaller rooms & will give your room a stylish, creative look.










The Horizontal or Vertical Layout

  • This layout offers the most freedom if you want to expand on your gallery wall in the future.
  • You’re able to add pieces to the top or the bottom while still maintaining the constant horizontal or vertical line as your starting point.

Helpful Tips

  • Before you go & drill or hammer in hooks, cut pieces of paper to the size of your prints & using sticking tape, attach them to the wall to see the look of your layout.
  • Trust me on this next tip, don’t just reply on using a level when it comes to making sure your pictures are straight. Measure the distance from the ceiling as well, unfortunately you will find that alot of the walls in your home will have a slight lean, throwing out your level.
  • I prefer using the 3M Command Brand Picture Hanging Strips to hang my prints, they come in a variety of sizes for various weights, are easy to use, removable & best of all won’t damage your walls.
  • A great way to easily achieve the exact distance in between each of your frames is to use Guide to evenly space your picture framesa piece of plywood or MDF cut to size, this will ensure your frames are perfectly spaced.

To take a look at the finished result of my Gallery Wall, visit my Instagram page & don’t forget to take advantage of the 25% discount offer from Desenio by using the code ” STILETTOSBRICKS ” at checkout.


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